The Owner:  Georgia A. Bowman Trust

Georgia A. (Cartwright) Bowman at age 91 picking daffodills in April 2010 at the Event Center is a descendant of the Cartwright Family of Phoenix, AZ.

 The Cartwright Ranch, Phoenix AZ - now a State Park was settled by Georgia's Great Grandfather as some of the first settlers in Phoenix, AZ - 1876. 



Georgia's Grandfather Reeves Cartwright on the Cartwright Ranch - 1902.  Was this the real  Cartwright family behind the famous TV series - Bonanza ????  This photo is from the Cartwright Museum located in Phoenix, AZ.

Georgia A. (Cartwright) Bowman, (mother of 2 Vietnam Veterans) purchased the Event Center Property in 1973 while single at 54 years of age.  AKA Gramma Bowman had the fore-sight and guts of the early settlers in the West as did her Grandfather who help build Phoenix along with building  the Cartwright Dynasty of Phoenix, AZ.  The Cartwrights built the 1st school in Phoenix which is now the largest school district in AZ. 

Starting back in the 1980, Gramma Bowman lived in the Old Farm House for many years by herself - locked and loaded of course.  A Real Estate Broker until age 85, she has always loved people to enjoy her "Ranch".  At 97, Gramma Bowman is unable to visit her home and property.  She always enjoyed  a chat with visitors.   



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               Photos of the Event Center

The Trout Pond was part of the Blue Mountain Fish Hatchery that was destroyed about 20 years ago.  Now the Pond provides beauty to the Property along with fishing for the kids and Veteran Groups. Photo taken by Patricia Gordon from TN.


 The Licking Fork of the Mokelumne River flows year-around and contains native Rainbow and German Brown Trout.  The creek flows on the north side of the meadow and ads beauty to the Event Center along with providing water to keep the meadow green and the fish pond full.  The water-rights to the Property extends back to the 1800.  You can see the ditch along the road leading to the meadow.


 The Old Farm House and Barn


The Old Farm House (early 1900) is in need of restoration which is on-going.  The House uses hydro-generated DC power for lights along with a solar panel, propane to run the refer, stove, heater and water heater, and a wood stove is the major source of heat.  The kitchen has a wood cooking stove for heating and cooking.  Water is supplied by a gravity feed water tank which was supplied by an old windmill.  


The Barn and Stage is the "center of activities" at the Event Center.  The Barn dates back to the early 1900 and built from trees cut on the Property, mostly cedar and pine.  Many of the timbers used are small cut trees without mill work.  The Barn needs work completed every year to keep the structural capacity in place.  The Barn will have a large card room, dance floor and bar area. 

The 20' x 24' Blue Mountain Stage was complete in May, 2010 and built from timbers cut and milled on the Family property. 


Photo Opportunities



 Many Photo opportunities exist at the Event Center.  The above photo by Patricia Gordon. The elk head was supplied by Bowman's Judith River Elk Ranch in MT.  This bull elk was one of many breeder bulls raised on the ranch by Vietnam Veteran Lynn Bowman and wife Janet.  The bull died of old age in 2008.


 Photo by Georgia Bowman - winter-time beauty at the event Center.



Photo by Patricia Gordon of the old farm equipment.


 Below photo by Patricia Gordon brings out the best in colors of the north side of the Barn.


 Below - The old apples trees and stumps make for great photos.




Wind, Solar, Hydro and Human Power


 The Old Windmill has been supplying water to the Farm House for many years.  In need of some repairs, the windmill should be supplying water in  2011.


 With 3 water wells in the meadow area, drinking water is not a problem, however it does take more energy than used at home.  This hand pump works great and supplied Georgia Bowman, the owner of the Property drinking water for many years while she stayed at the Old Farm House. 


The Blue Mountain in which the Event Center is named can be seen in the back-ground.  The 6,067 ft high mountain supplies the water for the Licking Fork and the 2 ranches on Mitchell Mill Road.  Blue Mountain has a  Fire Lookout and some of the best timber land in the area.  This photos is taken from the lower "west" end of the meadow where camping spots are primo - first come first served.


Good Times Back in the Late 1970 and Early 1980s 


Back in the mid 70s and early 80s, dirt bike Enduros were held on this Property.  This photo was taken of the start of the enduro which is located just after crossing the bridge.  I believe the Blue Mountain Timberwolves MC was involved with Sacramento 2+2 Motorcycle Club in holding this event. Please check the Photo Page for additional photos.   

 Address:   7250 Mitchell Mill Road, Wilseyville, CA  95275

From Sacramento - Highway 16 (Jackson Road)  East to Highway 49, then South on 49 to Jackson, turn left on Highway 88 and head towards Pine Grove.  Just past Pine Grove about 3, turn right on Highway 26 to West Point.  Stay on Highway 26 through West Point and turn left to Wilseyville about 1/2 mile past West Point.  Go through Wilseyville and turn left on Blue Mountain Road.  Travel about 3 miles and turn right on Mitchell Mill Road.  Travel slow for about 2 miles to the Gate. Please stay to the far right and respect local traffic.  The road is narrow in some areas. 

From Stockton - Take Highway 88 east to Jackson and follow the directions above.  You can also travel Highway 88 to Highway 12 east through Valley Springs.  A few miles past Valley Springs, turn left on Highway 26.  Continue on 26 through Moke Hill and to Wilseyville.  Then follow directions above.